Patrol Members Welcome Pack
Season 2020/21
Hi everyone, welcome and thank you for being a part of our awesome patrolling family this year! We have another great season ahead, and have fingers crossed for beautiful warm weather with sunny days and friendly seas. I’ve compiled all the info you could want for the coming season, but if I have missed anything or you have any other questions give me a call. In the meantime, read up and get keen for summer on the beach!


Change in Rostering-Covid-19 & More..

This season is going to be dynamic like every season, however the added bump of Covid-19 will dramatically change the way we do things. The biggest change this season will be a change from Half Day to Full day patrols, excluding Public holidays. With maintaining social distancing, minimising cross contamination and lower number of people on our beach at one time this has been the best solution that has been decided. All patrol teams have even full days and Public holidays so roughly everyone will have the same amount of hours.

Please have the Covid-19 app downloaded on your phone while you are on patrol and have the app open. The logging of people on patrol teams on and off need to be done correctly to ensure that we can do Covid tracking successfully. In the sense of patrolling and on the beach, this season the focus need to be on PREVATATIVE ACTIONS more then ever. In the case of a rescue please look after yourself first,  shower asap after the rescue is completed. If IRB, BOARD or TUBE is used please ensure it is wiped down and washed off correctly. If a first aid is presented to you please head towards self-administration e.g. give them a band aid or ice pack etc. This will avoid cross contamination. In the case of a CPR rescue please look at the Covid-Safe CPR poster which is found here and also on display on the patrol trailer. No BVM’s are too be used. Socially distant behaviours is ignored when needed in treatments but PPE is critical.

This year your Bronze and SRC written assessment must be done ONLINE. You should have all received and email saying you have been enrolled in the course. This needs to be complete by DEC 31st 2020 to ensure you are proficient and covered by our insurance. Your physical RUN SWIM RUN will be run at the start of your first patrol by your Patrol Captain. There is no excuses and must be done to once again comply with SLSA Covid regulations and social distancing orders.
As an active member at Woonona SLSC you will be expected to attend your patrols as rostered. If you are unable to attend you need to get a swap with another member. If you are ill or unfit for patrol (at short notice) you need to tell your Patrol Captain asap. This means we have the best chance of covering your absence and avoiding any financial penalties or risk to the public that may otherwise occur. If you miss patrols Morgan will have to give you a call and you (and I) don’t want you to be on the naughty list!

Non Attendance COVID

Please do not attend any Woonona SLS activities if you:
a. have any symptoms (i.e. fever, coughing, sore/scratchy throat, shortness of breath or loss of taste or smell)

b. have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 c. have tested positive for COVID-19 – wait until you have been given medical clearance to attend again

If item a or b apply to you PLEASE contact your patrol captain ASAP and notify them of the situation in case additional resources are required to be found.

We have a legal obligation to provide an agreed level of service. As such, when subbing patrols you MUST ENSURE the person who you are subbing with has all the required qualifications (eg if you are ART qualified you must ensure the person who is coving you is also proficient in this qualification). In the event you are not the only person on your Patrol Team with a qualification it is your responsibility to ensure that the qualification is covered on the patrol (either by the person filling in for you, or ensure that the other qualified member in your team will be patrolling on that date). Once you have confirmed you sub remember to let your Patrol Captain and Morgan know.

Need to find someone to sub with you? Post it on the Woonona SLSC Facebook group, call your mates, ask people at Sippers etc, but if all else fails call Morgan. Don’t forget to get in early, especially for peak times like Xmas and Easter.

100% patrols
In order to achieve the coveted 100% Patrol Attendance award at the end of the season you must attend ALL of your rostered patrols. If you are unable to attend a patrol, arrange a suitably qualified substitute (don’t forget to tell your Captain), and pay them back. If the member does not want you to swap them back you need to contact Morgan to organise a suitable patrol to make up the hours. We will ask you to attend a patrol which assists our club in meeting operational requirements.
NB if you are excused from a patrol, arrive late or depart early without arranging a sub to cover, you will not be eligible for this award.

As lifesavers we must present a professional image to the community and be easily identifiable as an on-duty lifesaver. The mandatory SLSA patrol uniform comprises of a:
SLSA yellow long sleeved patrol shirt
SLSA red patrol shorts
Red and yellow quartered patrol cap (Bronze Holders)
SLSA red patrol peaked-cap or wide-brim hat

Patrol Competition
As always we will be running our annual competition to find the best Patrol Team of the Year. Take the opportunity during quiet times on patrol to brush up on your signals, rescue skills and teamwork. You never know when we will pop up and make you go get wet and sandy!

Learn more!
Keep your eyes peeled for courses, or get in early and register your interest with Joe Zausten From Advanced Resus, Spinal, IRB’s through to Basic Beach Management, Coaching or Training whatever you are interested in the Education Team can help you out.

I encourage you to use our patrol gear! Go for a swim, practice your body surfing or take a board out. Make sure you clear it with your patrol captain first, they will make a call on if you can be spared and need to know where you are. Enjoy the summer and practice your skills.

Need more?
This is just the an overview, for more detail and anything else you need to know please refer to the Member’s Information document available on our website or check out our Facebook page for all
Have a great time!
See you on the beach,

Woonona SLS Club Captain