Nippers Uniform

We like to see our nippers in uniform because it promotes a sense of belonging to the Woonona SLSC. Compulsory nippers uniform is the club skull cap and a pink singlet for water activities. Skull caps are green for under 6’s and under 7’s, other age groups wear the white skull cap with two black stripes. This allows us to identify and organise our nippers safely in the water and on the beach. Other items of the uniform include WSLSC swimmers and rashies.

The skull cap forms an important part of our safety routine.  At the start of each Nippers session, the cap goes on our Nipper’s Head and the parent signs the Nipper in.  That way, if I see a child with a cap looking lost or unaccompanied, I know that it is my responsibility to ensure they are looked after.  Same in reverse at the end of the session.  If Nippers are not accounted for at the end of the session, the Age Manager or I will call the parent to make sure they are okay.

The pink singlet is simply to ensure more visibility in the surf and on the beach and is essential.




PLEASE NOTE: If your child wants to compete in events at carnivals, they will need to be in full competition uniform.  (Woonona swimmers, skull cap, and pink singlet.)

Our Nipper uniforms are supplied by Denise at South Coast Uniforms. Given the current situation, Denise will be attending the first 2 Nippers sessions of the season.  I am trying to get another time for her to attend before the season start, Covid willing.  Watch the Website and Facebook group for information.

Alternatively she can be contacted directly via email at or mobile on 0431 956 488.

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Thanks Peter Hackett


See you on the beach.